Blithe Spirit

Noel Coward’s dark comedy of spiritualism and ghosts. It was first performed in 1941 but is probably set in the late 1930s as there is no mention of the war nor of food and petrol rationing! It ran for 1997 performances which was a record until The Mousetrap overtook it. Staging this play presents a few interesting challenges, books falling off bookshelves, a gramophone lid opening and shutting on its own, a picture falling off the wall are just a few; plus two ghosts onstage only visible to one other member of the cast.


Production Details


11th to 14th April 2018

Royal Russell Performing Arts Centre


Directed By: Peter Bramwell

Assisted By: Paul Hudson


The Cast

We are proud to announce the cast:


Ruth Condomine- Phoebe Dunster

Charles Condomine - Owen Moore

Dr Bradman - David Sanders

Mrs Bradman - Charlie Eaton

Elvira - Anna Howard

Madame Arcarti - Morven Rae

Edith - Megan Claridge

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