Spectacular Spectacular

CODA is proud to present our 75th Anniversary cabaret show, Spectacular Spectacular.

A note from the director Sasha Cherry:


We want to represent everything GREAT about CODA.  This means a great team.... great music.... great talent. and an even greater membership.


Our vision for the showcases a small raised stage, a 5/6 piece live band raised up at the back of the stage, grand piano and conductor on the floor. star curtain backdrop, spec spec logo centre stage, uplighters creating an intimate warmth with the lights. This will lend itself well to the round table cabaret style seating, bar service.


All This will be brought to life by our amazing production team headed up by Peter D and our sound and lighting engineering team in Rich C and Alistair L.


The idea is to bring people into a welcoming and comfortable environment to enjoy a wonderful night of entertainment from our performers!


Talking about performances... you are probably all wondering what you what the set list looks like and who will be taking us through our paces as Musical director. Well we have not 1, but 2 people in Ian Rae & Robert Randall. 


We will be revisiting a number of traditional shows as well as some of the newer modern shows as well as compilation shows, so it gives us license to look at songs we have performed but not necessarily done the full show!  Sneaky!


​This will all be tied together with eloquence and whit by the debonair duo of David S and Peter B have agreed to  take us on that trip down memory lane as our show MC’s.

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